Grønnestøl Barnehage


TB Poland has designed internal systems for a kindergarten building located in Bergen. Facility consist of 2 ground-based floors. The building was built in 2010, but in 2012 was almost completely destroyed by fire. Rebuilt on the plan of the previous building, the new building gained more space on the second floor thanks to the curved wall of the main façade. Heating system in the facility has been designed using radiant ceiling panels powered by an air-to-water heat pump. All systems/installations have been designed in 3D, using AutoCad software with MagiCAD installation package. An IFC model of each installation has been created as well. Project architect’s supervision was provided and as-built documentation was prepared during the implementation.

Location: Bergen, Norway
Investor: Espira Entreprenør
Area: 700 m²
Project period: November 2014 – December 2014
Project phase: Project finalized
1. Detailed Design Engineering (Design&Build):
- Plumbing and piping
- Electrical and weak current systems
2. Coordinated 3D model:
- BIM Level 2
- LOD 500
- Standard IFC2x3 cv 2.0 (MEP design)