Brannstasjonen Stangeland

Fire brigade building with emergency department

TB Poland designed internal systems for the building of the fire brigade located in Sandnes, Norway. The building consists of 4 buildings: a garage for fire trucks, AMK headquarters, a call center for numbers 110, 112, 113, a help center and a hospital for 20 beds, as well as a car wash. All systems/installations have been designed in 3D, using AutoCad software with MagiCAD installation package. An IFC model of each installation has been created as well. Project architect’s supervision was provided and as-built documentation was prepared during the implementation.

Location: Sandnes, Norway
Investor: Sandnes community
General Contractor: Kruse Smith
Architects: Kraftværk AS
Stein Halvorsen Arkitekter AS
Area: 13 000 m²
Project period: May 2015 – March 2016
Project phase: Project finalized
1. Detailed Design Engineering (Design&Build):
- Heating and cooling
- Plumbing and piping
- Sprinklers systems
- Electrical and weak current systems
2. Coordinated 3D model:
- BIM Level 2
- LOD 500
- Standard IFC2x3 cv 2.0 (MEP design)