The apartment complex development

TB Poland has designed internal systems for a complex of residential buildings located in Stavanger in Norway. The facility consists of a shared section (a two-storey car park) and five residential buildings with commercial function (commercial function - ground level). The entire complex includes 117 apartments. All systems/installations have been designed in 3D, using AutoCad software with MagiCAD installation package. An IFC model of each installation has been created as well. As part of this project we have additionally prepared a set of workshop documentation drawings and a 3D model for the prefabrication of vertical service shafts. Complete modules of risers with mounting elements and insulation were prefabricated at the contractor’s workshops and fitted - ready to use - in shaft spaces in the building. Project architect’s supervision was provided and as-built documentation was prepared during the implementation. Currently, buildings 4 and 5 are completed. The facility construction is in progress.

Location: Stavanger, Norway
Investor: Kalhammeren Boligutvikling AS
General Contractor: Skanska Norge AS
Architects: Asplan Viak AS
Area: 12 200 m²
Project Period: April 2015 – December 2015
Project Phase: Project finalized (buildings 4 i 5)
1. Detailed Design Engineering (Design&Build):
- Plumbing and piping
- Sprinklers systems
- Electrical and weak current systems
2. Shop drawings for shafts prefabrication
3. Coordinated 3D model:
- BIM Level 2
- LOD 500
- Standard IFC2x3 cv 2.0 (MEP design)