Bremnes ungdomskole, svømmehall

School building (gymnasium) with swimming pool

TB Poland has designed internal systems for a school building with swimming pool located in Bremnes in Norway. The complex includes: school building, indoor swimming pool building and recreational facilities such as courts, sports fields. The school building is divided into two floors with educational functions (classrooms, auditorium, administrative rooms) and a technical part, located in a separate room on the roof of the building. The indoor swimming pool building consists of three storeys. Underground - technical function, swimming pool level with auxiliary rooms (changing rooms, administrative area) and audience level. All systems/installations have been designed in 3D, using Revit software with MagiCAD installation package. Exchange data with external consultants - through the IFC model of all installations.

Location: Bremnes, Norway
Investor: Bømlo community
General Contractor: Engelsen Bygg
Architects: Vikanes Bungum Arkitekter
Area: 8 370 m²
Project period: September 2016 - May 2017
Project phase: Project finalized, object in progress
1. Detailed Design Engineering (Design&Build):
- Heating and cooling
- Plumbing and piping
- Sprinklers systems
- Electrical and weak current systems
2. Coordinated 3D model:
- BIM Level 2
- LOD 400
- Standard IFC2x3 cv 2.0 (MEP design)